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  1. Mercedes Lackey _ One Good Knight

    My eyes hurt," she said plaintively, as he surveyed the stacks of books they hadn't read yet."Then by all means, we will save your eyes for a bit," Peri said, with a chuckle that rumbled inside his chest. He put his head down along his folded forelegs and looked up at her with an amused expression."What are you thinking about?" he asked."That I've never known anyone it was easier to be- friends with," she said, hesitating a moment over the "friend" part. Because it felt as if their relationship was unfolding into something a great deal warmer than mere friendship."It's odd, isn't it?" he responded. "Except for my brother, I've never been as comfortable around any dragon as I am around you. I don't quite know how to fathom it.""Then let's not," she said instantly, not wanting to spoil anything. "All right?"He laughed. "One can certainly analyze things until they are no longer enjoyable. I bow to your wisdom. I am just happy to enjoy your company."She felt warm and tingly in a pleasant sort of way as he looked down at her with those glowing dark-emerald eyes. Feeling greatly daring, she reached out and scratched the soft skin under his chin.He sighed. "Oh, glory. That feels lovely. Don't stop doing that for the next thirty years or so. Take more time if you need it."She laughed, but kept scratching."I wish there was something I could do for you that felt as good," he said, in a voice rich with content."You already are," she said. "You're very comfortable to sit on."He laughed again, this time with a note of self-mockery. "I shall be sure to add that to my list of virtues. 'Makes a comfortable chair.' I am sure the Great Dragon at the gates of Paradise will find that ample reason to let me in straightaway. And the rest of my clan will surely inscribe it on my memorial wall."She blinked. "Dragons believe in Paradise?" she said, surprised."Of course they do, silly goose," Peri replied, with another affectionate brush on his nose on her shoulder.