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  1. Robyn Carr _ Whispering Rock

    didn't plan this," Jack said. "But since it's you and me-tell me about Brie." "Tell you what, Jack?" "When she was leaving… It looked like there was something…." "Spit it out." "You and Brie?" "What?" Jack took a breath, not happily. "Are you with my sister?" Mike had a swallow of his whiskey. "I'm taking a day off tomorrow-taking her down the Pacific Coast Highway through Mendocino to look for whales, see the galleries, maybe have a little lunch." "Why?" "She said she'd like to do that while she's here." "All right, but you know what I'm getting at-" "I think you'd better tell me, so I don't misunderstand." "I'd like to know what your intentions are toward my sister." "You really think you have the right to do that? To ask that question?" Mike asked him. "Just tell me what was going on between the two of you while I was gone." "Jack, you'd better loosen your grip a little. Brie's a grown woman. From where I stand, we're good friends. If you want to know how she sees it, I think she's the one you have to ask. But I don't recommend it-she might be offended. Despite everything, she tends to think of herself as a grown-up." "It's no secret to you-she's had a real bad year." "It's no secret," Mike agreed. "You're making this really tough, man…" "No, I think you are. You spent some time with her tonight. Did it look to you like anything is wrong? Like she's upset or anything? Because I think everything is fine and you worry too much." "I worry, yeah. I worry that maybe she'll look to you for some comfort. For something to help her get through. And that you'll take advantage of that." "And…?" Mike prompted, lifting his glass but not drinking. "And maybe work a little of your Latin magic on her and walk away." Jack drank his whiskey. "I don't want you to do that to her." Mike put down his glass on the bar without emptying it. "I would never hurt Brie. And it has nothing to do with whose sister she is. Good night, Jack.
  2. Haruki Murakami _ Norwegian Wood

    We couldn't bear to be apart. So if Kizuki had lived, I'm sure we would have been together, loving each other, and gradually growing unhappy."Unhappy? Why's that?"With her fingers, Naoko combed her hair back several times. She had taken her barrette off, which made the hair fall over her face when she dropped her head forward.Because we would have had to pay the world back what we owed it," she said, raising her eyes to mine. "The pain of growing up. We didn't pay when we should have, so now the bills are due. Which is why Kizuki did what he did, and why I'm here. We were like kids who grew up naked on a desert island. If we got hungry, we'd just pick a banana; if we got lonely, we'd go to sleep in each other's arms. But that kind of thing doesn't last forever. We grew up fast and had to enter society. Which is why you were so important to us. You were the link connecting us with the outside world. We were struggling through you to fit in with the outside world as best we could. In the end, it didn't work, of course."I nodded.I wouldn't want you to think that we were using you, though. Kizuki really loved you. It just so happened that our connection with you was our first connection with anyone else. And it still is. Kizuki may be dead, but you are still my only link with the outside world. And just as Kizuki loved you, I love you. We never meant to hurt you, but we probably did; we probably ended up making a deep wound in your heart. It never occurred to us that anything like that might happen.