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  1. Jennifer L. Armentrout _ The Problem with Forever

    Say something."I struggled to get the word out. "What?""My name."I wasn't sure why he wanted me to say that, and I didn't know how it would feel to say it again after all this time, but I drew in a deep breath. "Rider." Another breath shuddered through me. "Rider Stark."His throat worked and, for a heartbeat, neither of us moved as a steamy breeze tossed strands of hair across my face. Then he dropped his notebook to the pavement. I was surprised it didn't burst into dust. His long-legged pace ate up the distance. One second there was several feet between us, and in the next breath he was right there in front of me. He was so much taller now. I barely reached his shoulders.And then his arms were around me.My heart exploded as those strong arms pulled me against his chest. There was a moment where I froze, and then my arms swept around his neck. I held on, squeezing my eyes shut as I inhaled the clean scent and the lingering trace of aftershave. This was him. His hugs were different now, stronger and tighter. He lifted me clear off my feet, one arm around my waist, the other hand buried deep in my hair, and my breasts were mushed against his surprisingly hard chest.Whoa.His hugs were most definitely different than they were when we were twelve."Jesus, Mouse, you don't even know..." His voice was gruff and thick as he set me back on my feet, but he didn't let go. One arm stayed around my waist. His other hand fisted the ends of my hair. His chin grazed the top of my head as I slid my hands down his chest. "I never thought I'd see you again."I rested my forehead between my hands, feeling his heart beat fast. I could hear people around us, and I imagined some were probably staring, but I didn't care. Rider was warm and solid. Real. Alive.