Book:    Silken Prey
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THEY WALKED UP TO the front door, rang the bell. Del scratched his neck and looked at the yellow bug light and said, "I feel like a bug." "You look like a bug. You fall down out there?" "About four times. We weren't running so much as staggering around. Potholes full of water . . . I see you kept your French shoes nice and dry." "English. English shoes . . . French shirts. Italian suits. Try to remember that." "Makes my nose bleed," Del said. The door opened, and Green looked out: she was still fully dressed, including the jacket that covered her gun and the fashionable shoes that she could run in. She took a long look at Del, and asked, "Where're Dannon and Carver?" "Dead," Lucas said. "Where's Grant?" "In the living room." "You want to invite us in?" She opened the door, and they stepped inside, and followed her to the living room. Grant was there, still dressed as she had been on the stage; she was curled in an easy chair, with a drink in her hand, high heels on the floor beside her. Schiffer was lying on a couch, barefoot; a couple of Taryn's staff people, a young woman and a young man, were sitting on the floor, making a circle. Another man, heavier and older, was sitting in a leather chair facing Grant. Lucas didn't recognize him, but recognized the type: a guy who knew where all the notional bodies were buried, a guy who could get the vice president on the telephone.

( John Sandford )
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