Book:    Silken Prey
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She'd just come back when Marvel tapped the computer screen and said, "See, what happened was, this guy, Representative Diller, got the licensing fees on semi-trailers reduced by about half, so they'd supposedly be in line with what they were in the surrounding states. He said he wanted to do that so the trucking companies wouldn't move out of Minnesota. But what you see over here is a bunch of 1099 forms that were sent by trucking companies to Sisseton High-Line Consulting, LLC, of Sisseton, South Dakota. Over here is the South Dakota LLC form and we find out that a Cheryl Diller is the president of Sisseton High-Line Consulting. And we see that she got, mmm, fifty-five thousand dollars for consulting work that year, from trucking companies." "So if these two Dillers are related . . ." Lucas began. "I promise you, they are," Marvel said. Kidd said, "Marvel's a state senator. In Arkansas." Marvel added, "This shit goes on all the time. On everything you can think of, and probably a lot you can't think of.

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