Book:    Gathering Prey
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operations, trying to get things straight. He now had so much metal in his pelvis that he carried a TSA Notification Card just to get on an airplane. Despite the lingering disability, he'd gone back to full-time in April. He sat back down again. "I found Brett Givens working as a sign man for a real estate dealership over in Edina," he said. "He drives a pickup, goes around putting up signs, or taking them down." Lucas knew Givens: "Better than working at the chop shop." "Yeah. Anyway, he says Cory is definitely back, because he saw him up in Cambridge last week, at Kenyon's. He said Cory didn't see him, because he ducked out-I think he was afraid that Cory might try to talk him into something. He likes the sign job." "Givens didn't know where Cory's living?" "No. But he said there were random people in the bar who seemed to know Cory, like he might be a regular. He said Cory doesn't look especially prosperous, so he might still have the safe. I thought I'd go up this afternoon, have a few beers." "All right. Take care. Jenkins and Shrake are out of pocket. If you need backup, call me, and I'll either come up or get Jon to send somebody." Dale Cory was believed to be in possession of a safe that contained two million dollars in diamond jewelry, at wholesale prices, taken from a jewelry store in St. Paul

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