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He looked directly at Grant: "I will tell them that I think you are guilty of the murder of three people and that you were the sponsor of the child-pornography smear, and that I think a person of your brand of social pathology-I believe you are a psychopath, and I will tell them that-has no place in the Senate. And I will continue to argue that here in Minnesota for the full six years of your term, and do everything I can to wreck any possible political career that you might otherwise have had." Grant smiled at him and said, "Fuck you." The governor said, "Okay, okay, Porter. Now, Taryn, do you have anything for us?" "No, not really. I'll be the best senator I can be, I reject any notion that I was involved in this craziness." She looked at Smalls: "As for you, bring it on. If you want to spend six years fighting over this, by the time we're done, you'll be unemployable and broke. I would have no problem setting aside, say, a hundred million dollars for a media campaign to defend myself." "Fuck you," Smalls said. And, "By the way, I'd like to thank Agent Davenport for his work on this. I thought he did a brilliant job, even if I wound up losing." Grant jumped in: "And I'd like to say that I think Davenport created the conditions that unnecessarily led to the deaths in this case, that if he'd been a little more circumspect, we might still have Helen Roman and Carver and Dannon alive, and might be able to actually prove what happened, so that I'd be definitively cleared." Smalls made a noise that sounded like a fart, and Henderson said, "Thank you for that comment, Porter.

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