Author:  Jean Sasson
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Amani knew Baz's fatwa by heart, about women being forbidden from driving, and she proudly quoted, "Depravity leads to the innocent and pure women being accused of indecencies. Allah has laid down one of the harshest punishments for such an act to protect society from the spreading of the causes of depravity. Women driving cars, however, is one of the causes that lead to that." Now Maha was dancing around the room, singing her words in a loud voice: "I am free, Amani, while you willingly wear chains!" She leapt into the air like a ballerina, holding her driving license like a trophy. My daughter is really too dramatic. Maha continued her rant. "I am free! My sister wears chains!" "Everything you do is haram, Maha," Amani announced self-importantly, with the greatest certainty. "Listen, Amani. You are in the dark ages. You could be smart, but you seek ignorance and you appear to like portraying weakness and ignorance, to have men making all your decisions, when you are fully capable." Maha was smothering. "I am free, Amani, to live. I am free to think for myself. I am free to drive. I am free to have thoughts about anything I please. I am a woman freed from this madness you embrace so lovingly!

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